1fichier.com File Search Engine and Premium Account

By | October 9, 2019

1fichier.com offers file storage solutions as well as sharing options for virtually any kind of file you have. The site is the brainchild of a Swiss company and offers both free and paid premium accounts for more features. 1fichier.com offers a free account for anyone willing to sign up. However, better features, better assistance and access to more sophisticated services are limited for those who have premium accounts. Is it worth switching to Premium if you have a 1fichier.com account? Read on to find out.

1fichier Premium Account Features

Fast and unlimited downloads

1fichier.com offers very fast downloads. In cases when downloads get interrupted, it is easy to resume downloads with IDM. The site does not have a limit for downloading but there are cases when users receive a notification that they have maxed out their download allowance for the month. However, you can wait for an hour and enjoy maximum download speeds again. This can happen once or twice a month which is still a huge advantage over other sites that have narrow download limits.

Ease of use

The site is easy to navigate. 1fichier uses bright colors and large buttons to direct users to the downloads and the pages are not cluttered with too many ads.

Parallel downloads without restrictions

Users enjoy full-speed downloads with parallel downloads without any of the restrictions typical of free accounts and other file sharing sites.

Unlimited storage

With 1fichier.com, users can store as many files as they want. If you want to store all your digital files in one place, the unlimited storage feature available for Premium users is the best option that you have.

Ad-free with no waiting time

A premium account gives access to downloads without the clutter of ads on your screen. You also do not need to wait for your downloads to start, unlike in the free versions which requires users to wait from 15 to 30 seconds before a file starts downloading.

Email supports

Any problems that premium members may have with usage, speed and the like are immediately attended to by email support.

Benefits of Getting a Premium Account

There are many advantages and benefits of getting a premium account. For one, users avoid download restrictions and annoying captcha.These are the two most common source of annoyances with the free accounts. Free accounts also have a large percentage of interrupted downloads that will take hours to redownload again, glitches that are not experienced by Premium account holders. However, the biggest advantages are unlimited storage and fast downloads which is great if you regularly store or download files and prefer to download multiple files at one go.

Payment Methods

Signing up for a Premium account is easy. You only need to choose the duration of the Premium account that you like and the site will take you to the page with payment options include VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and Google. Once you have chosen your payment option you will be directed to the registration page. Once that is done you can start enjoying your premium account!

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