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The internet has become the preferred choice for social interaction and business correspondence. What is more interesting is that you can now store, manage and access your files and documents online. With the emergence of file hosting providers, the internet has now become a viable storage option. This means that you do not have to worry about buying flash disks, pen drives or any other physical storage devices.

Here is a rundown of – a file hosting provider that you should consider. This explainer highlights some of the benefits of using file hosting providers, and the reasons why you should upgrade to a premium account

What is

As the name implies, is simply a file hosting provider. The platform provides web users with online storage space where one can store and manage media files and documents conveniently. The best part is that you can access your files from a variety of devices, including your PC, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone, as long as the device is internet-enabled.

Getting Started with

Like similar file hosting platforms, joining is free. The platform is available worldwide to everyone, and you may sign up for free or upgrade to premium by paying a small fee.

Equally, the process of signing up is fast and straightforward. You only need to fill out your email address/username and create a password for security purposes. Your free account will be ready in seconds once you select that Captcha box to indicate that you are not a robot.

Free membership is ideal for temporary use only, especially if you want to store small files and documents in the short-term. However, if your job entails handling large files and sharing data across various departments, it is advisable you upgrade to a premium account. With a premium account, you can share and transfer large, heavy files more easily and conveniently.

Upgrading to File. al Premium Account

Free membership comes with several limitations. Firstly, you can only upload or download files at speeds of 70KB/s. Moreover, you have to wait for 30 seconds before your download can begin. As if that is not enough, free members have to contend with annoying ads and Captcha codes when transferring files. Considering this, it is only logical that you upgrade to a premium account to avoid all these restrictions.

Upgrading to premium is an easy process. You just need to click on the “Buy Premium” to upgrade your account. will direct you to their premium page where you can select the ideal plan that fits your needs and budget. Premium Features

Account type:FreePremium
Download speed:70 kb/sMaximum
Download restriction:1 file per one hour50 GB per day
Accelerators supported:NoYes
Download without any time delays:60 secondsYes
No ads:NoYes
Resume aborted downloads:NoYes
Unlimited parallel downloads:NoYes
Download by direct linkNoYes
File Size LimitSmall50 GB
When are your files deleted?45 Days90 days
Storage1000 GBNo limit

A premium account offers so many benefits aimed at providing users with an exceptional file hosting experience. Some of the most popular premium features include:

  • premium members enjoy unlimited storage space, unlike free users who can only access up to 500 GB of space. Apart from unlimited storage, files stored by premium members remain in the server for up to 90 days while regular members can only store files for 30 days before the system deletes them automatically.
  • Speed and bandwidth are vital features to consider when searching for a file hosting provider. premium offers its members fast, unlimited download and upload speeds and bandwidth while free and regular members can only download files at 70 KB/s.
  • One of the most annoying aspects about free membership is that you have to put up with annoying ads every time you want to upload or download files. However, this is not the case with premium. With premium membership, you can enjoy an ad-free sharing experience.
  • Another benefit of premium is that you can pause and resume your downloads at any time without having to restart the entire process in case of connection problems. Free and regular users are not eligible for this benefit, meaning that they have to go the entire process afresh.
  • Free and regular users can only download one file at a time. In contrast, premium members can download multiple files simultaneously without any limits. This saves on time, allowing you to focus on other matters.
  • Most file hosting platforms, including, require free members to wait for 30 to 60 seconds before downloads can begin. However, with premium membership, you can download files right away without any interruptions or delays.
  • Registered users with premium accounts enjoy Captcha-free uploads and downloads. Essentially, you do not have to enter a Captcha code to initiate a download process.
  • boasts of an effective help-desk team. The team provides around the clock support services to all members. However, premium members enjoy priority support, unlike free users who have to wait for a while before the team responds to their queries.
  • With premium membership, you can use third party downloading software such as DAP and GetFile for faster downloads. You may use this feature if you want to download large files quickly and seamlessly.
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Fast Transfer Speeds
  • Ad-free sharing
  • Resumable downloads
  • Simultaneous Downloads
  • No Download Delay
  • No Captcha Codes
  • Priority Support
  • Download Manager Support

Go to premium account Pricing premium rates are not only reasonable but also offer good value for money. If you want to enjoy discounted rates, it is advisable that you pay for a longer period. This way, you can save up to $140 in subscription fee. Here is a list of File.AL premium rates

  • 30 days premium hosting at only $19.95
  • 60 days premium hosting at only $29.95
  • 90 days premium hosting at only $39.95
  • 180 days premium hosting at only$69.95
  • 365 days premium hosting at only $99.95

Background Information is one of the pioneers of cloud computing and file hosting. The company has been around for about 27 years, since its inception in 1992. Apparently, the company is based in Albania and it has subsidiaries in countries such as the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Germany and Luxembourg.

User Interface has one of the simplest user interfaces around. The website is easily navigable while the menus are well arranged. This makes it easy for everyone to register quickly and operate their accounts seamlessly.

What is more amazing is that the website is available in multiple languages, including English, German, Turkish, Russian, Spanish and Dutch, among others. You can easily change your preferred language by selecting the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Operating your account

Operating a account is just as simple as opening an account. Actually, you do not require professional computing skills in order to upload or download files on this platform. provides all users with tools that you can use to operate your account seamlessly.

In the same breath, you may upload files using three different methods. These include:

  • Browser upload is available to everyone including non-registered users. This option allows you to drag and drop your files on the provided space to upload them to
  • FTP Upload requires you to download and install an FTP client app on your computer before you can upload files to However, this option is only available for premium members.
  • You may also upload files by providing a link to the location of the file. This option is ideal if your internet connection is very slow.

Is safe?

The safety of your account is of utmost importance when operating a file-sharing account. This is because any unauthorized access may compromise the integrity of your files, leading to losses in your business.

The good news, however, is that has an impermeable security system that keeps hackers at bay. Firstly, uses 128-bit SSL encryption for secure communication between your browser and their servers. This allows for secure payments, especially when paying for your premium subscription via credit card.

Additionally, are very strict when it comes to file sharing. Other users cannot search for your files online, and hotlinking is not permissible. This means that you can only share your files and documents with just the intended people thus protecting your docs from unauthorized access. also encourages users not to use the same passwords as with other file sharing sites. Instead, you should create a unique password to make it difficult for hackers to breach your account. Moreover, you should make an effort to change your password every few weeks to secure your account.

Help and Support does not have live chat or phone support. If you need any help with operating your account, you may refer to the FAQ section of the website. For technical support, you may contact the support team via email, as this is the only viable option available.

Conclusion is undeniably one of the most reliable file hosting providers available today. The company has managed to remain in business for close to three decades thanks to its exceptional offers and services. The only concern is that sometimes does not follow copyright laws, allowing unscrupulous individuals to share pirated files. However, this is not a major issue given that the company has always reacted to respond to such incidences in good time. Despite the few drawbacks, remains a credible platform, and if you want to enjoy advanced features and benefits, then consider upgrading to a premium account.